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LMnO3 | Crojik's Croft

LMnO3 makes their way to Horton's Bay, Michigan for a residency at Benjamin Cheney's stunning Crojik's Croft space. The week will culminate in a workshop and informal showing of their latest work, unPacking Pina

More information coming soon...

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7:30 PM19:30

Being Magnificent. Being Marginal. at Gibney Dance Center

I'm thrilled to be showing an excerpt and solo working of Being Magnificent. Being Marginal. (distilled for one) on February 13th at Gibney Dance Center for their I <3 GDC 2018!

I ♥ GDC is donation based and you can reserve your tickets here. 
Tuesday, February 13 at 7:30pm
 280 Broadway with entrance on Chambers

I ♥ GDC is a celebration of the Gibney Dance community, showcasing work being made by staff, renters, teachers, colleagues, and supporters. Featuring performances by: Performances by Julia Discenza, Davalois Fearon Dance, 
Gibney Dance Company, Joy Douglas, Limón Dance Company, 
Joya Powell - Movement of the People, Donnell Oakley, 
Erin Carlisle Norton - The Moving Architects, bait, and Ragamuffin.

Proceeds from the show will benefit the Natural Resources Defense Council. NRDC works to safeguard the earth—its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends. Learn more atwww.nrdc.org.


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7:00 PM19:00

Donnell Oakley Makes Dances @ Dance Now | Joe's Pub

An excerpt of Being Magnificent. Being Marginal. will be performed by the fabulous Sara Barney, Carolyn Cryer, Courtney Drasner and Jordan Risdon on Thursday, September 7th at this year's Dance Now Festival!

Fascinated with the multiple lenses from which we perceive ourselves, I have agency over many situations while catching myself still bending to what may be expected of me. Within these roles I am also considering 2 vantage points. Is it "better" and can we see more clearly if we're in the center of everything or on the edges of the action? 

Tickets are hot and go quickly! Grab them while you can. 

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to May 14

Triskelion Arts presents LMnO3!

Triskelion Arts brings you LMnO3's newest work More Like Your Mom...

...created by three women who are child-free by choice, is a multi-media dance theater rollercoaster, shape-shifting through ideas of what it means to be female today when old ideals still hold strong images in our collective conscious. 

Come see the most happening event of Mother's Day Weekend, 2017!


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to Oct 16

LMnO3 & Doug Elkins Choreography Etc at RIAF!

The Ringling International Arts Festival in Sarasota, Florida is bringing the distinct works of LMnO3 and Doug Elkins to their main stages this October. Get your tickets soon for this not to be missed double doozy of a festival!!

See Doug's Bessie nominated Mo(or)town/Redux and joyous Hapless Bizarre performed in the inspiring Mertz Theatre. Tragedy and comedy are paired to bring an evening of breath-taking dance theater. 

LMnO3's B.A.N.G.S.:  made in america comes to the historic Asolo Theater. Watch as Deborah Lohse, Cori Marquis and Donnell Oakley bring their silly and serious to play with ideas of femininity and categorization. 

Details and Tickets!

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6:15 PM18:15

Donnell Oakley Makes Dances at Jacob's Pillow

The Inside/Out Festival at Jacob's Pillow presents "Dances For Two," an evening of duets on July 27th featuring an excerpt of Oakley's sure, i'm sure as well as work from Schoen Movement, Manuel Vignoulle and Rena Butler. 

Donnell will be performing with the always inspiring Courtney Drasner. Courtney and Donnell act cool, wear armor, fall apart, play the part, dream of the definitive, and fight and find intimacy. At the heart of this duet, they are looking at being okay with not knowing. 


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to Jul 15

Doug Elkins' Hapless Bizarre at The New Victory Theater

Doug and his band of Happies come back to The New Vic for their summer series with the ever delightful Hapless Bizarre. Stay posted for details about this hot ticket, coming this July. Join Mark Gindick, Deborah Lohse, Cori Marquis, Kyle Marshall, Donnell Oakley and Johnny Sorensen-Jolink for nothing short of magic. 

The New Victory

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to Jun 25

SteeleDance at Gibney's Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center

SteeleDance brings their 20 plus years of luscious movement and theater to downtown NYC this coming June!

Stay tuned for more details as Teri and Oliver Steele craft and collaborate with the company:  Carolyn Cryer, Zoë Blake, Meredith Fages, Donnell Oakley, Jordan Risdon, Leslie Simpson, Alec Speedie, and Nattie Trogdon. 

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to May 22

SUNY Brockport Summer Dance

LMnO3 kicks off Brockport Summer Dance with a 3 day residency, master class and studio showing of B.A.N.G.S.:  made in america.

Brockport Summer Dance is a weeklong intensive focusing on contemporary technique, repertory, and choreography. Intermediate to advanced dancers will have opportunity to study with innovative choreographers and professional dancers. Brockport Summer Dance 2016 will feature Jesse Zarritt, Donnell Oakley, and Ori Flomin and Helena Franzen. In addition to daily classes in repertory, modern technique, and the creative process, evening activities will include open rehearsals, public discussions, and company showings. Brockport Summer Dance is hosted by the Department of Dance at The College at Brockport.

Info and to register check this out!


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7:00 PM19:00

Advanced Curation Presents

Jamie Dowd's *Advanced Curation is having its first evening length showing at Gibney Dance Center on May 8th at 7pm. Please join the workshop's past and present choreographers and their work as well as an excerpt of their collective, LMnO3's B.A.N.G.S.:  made in america. 

Details about the show can be found here. 

*ADVC acts as a platform for dancers to continue to work in the studio and on stage. Both in level and age, ADVC caters towards the professional and post-professional dancer, offering an opportunity to enjoy the process and culmination of dance amongst fellow peers. 


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6:00 PM18:00

The Lovelies' Slice & Dice

The Lovelies, an NYC-based improvisation company, hosts Slice & Dice, a split bill performance series about sharing ideas and building community. Donnell Oakley Makes Dances will show the beginnings of new work at 6pm on May 1st at The Joffrey Ballet School. Join us for Being Magnificent. Being Marginal. starring Sara Barney, Carolyn Cryer, Courtney Drasner and Jordan Risdon. 

Allow us to introduce myself encapsulates the feeling of the multiple lenses through which we see ourselves. We percieve the world and the way we move around in it depending on the moment or the mob around us. We are trying to reconcile these identities and wrap our arms around the whole package that is our selves. 

Come watch, eat, drink & mingle at The Joffrey at 434 Avenue of the Americas, 5th Floor!

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to Feb 13

LMn'O3 @ Joe's Pub!

Robin Staff of Dance Now's producer team brought our collective LMn'O3 (Deborah Lohse, Cori Marquis and Donnell Oakley) to the stage of Joe's Pub for Dance Now's Festival the past 2 years. We have gone on to create more work and break more hearts this year with shows at Triskelion Arts, Judson Church, Elm City Dance Collective and a season at The Yard. 

We are THRILLED to be performing our first evening length work to premiere at Joe's Pub in 2016! It's all set--you've got Valentine's plans. Phew! Sure to brighten your winter slump, be our dates for this dance theater event!!

Tickets on sale and going fast--> HERE

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to Oct 1

Fall For Dance @ City Center

Doug Elkins Choreography Etc. will be performing as part of the 12th Annual Fall For Dance Season! The sharp intersection of physical comedy, choreography, flirtation and romance come together in Hapless Bizarre. Come see Mark Gindick, Cori Marquis, Deborah Lohse, Johnny Sorensen-Jolink, Kyle Marshall and Donnell Oakley Sept. 30th and Oct. 1st. 


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to Sep 12

DanceNow's 20th Anniversary

4 Evenings of Incredible Artistry! Featuring 50 artists from the past 20 years!

Sept. 10th-  New solo work & last year's pick for the Encore show, Ink Stink choreographed by Deborah Lohse, Cori Marquis and Donnell Oakley

Sept. 12th- Doug Elkins Choreography Etc. shows two delightful excerpts from Hapless Bizarre. 

September 9th-12th & 24th at Joe's Pub in NYC. See what Robin Staff, Sydney Skybetter and Tamara Greenfield have produced in the last two decades. 

More information and tickets available here. 

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to Aug 17

Built On Stilts

Abby Bender brings Deborah Lohse's and my duet,  I Suggest We All Leave to Martha's Vineyard for the 19th consecutive season of Built On Stilts! Built from our collective dance histories and individual fascinations, it's an exercises in giving over choreographic control to our instincts. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the missing third in this collective, Cori Marquis. L, M 'n' O (Lohse, Marquis and Oakley) drops in February of 2015 at Joe's Pub for an entire evening of sporadic hilarity, revieling our deepest desires and fears!

More information about Built On Stilts here. 

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to Jul 18

The Yard Presents Follies: Women Dance the Comic

Deborah Lohse, Cori Marquis, and Me! We're bringing our schtuff:  both individual and collective work to Martha's Vineyard this July. 

Cori Marquis' #nofilter, Donnell Oakley's sure, i'm sure, and Deborah Lohse in collaboration with Marquis and Oakley's Ink Stink shake up the Patricia N. Nanon Theater, July 17th & 18th. 

Tickets available here. 



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to Jun 7

Chavasse Dance & Performance

Amy Chavasse brings multiple works including Hunger For the Longing, a piece she and her cohorts have been working and shifting and reshaping for a few years now. It looks at Woody Guthrie's This Land is Your Land through movement, music, theater, and video. They play with acts of seduction through a variety of encounters. Join me, Amy, Jessica Jolly, Sarah Konner, and Aidan Feldman in what proves to be an irreverent evening of theater. 

Check it out this June at Triskelion Arts' shiny new theater! 


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